Uno Tag Team Patcher

Uno Tag Team Patcher 1.2

Edits and patches the MUGEN game engine
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This is a patcher and editor for the MUGEN engine and the game projects based on it. It precisely patches game code when editing characteristics of its characters, customize and edit animations, manage patch and Uno Tag System versions, modify Ai behavior.

This mugen tool is made for my Uno Tag System. This will patch your characters to enable tag team matches in (Simul) team mode.
Also, I have added the "Mugen AI" tool that will let you control your partner character without pressing CTRL + 3 or 4 in every round. Please see ReadMe for more details.


• This tool can now accurately patch the codes to where it should be placed in the character's files! causing the tag system to work precisely with most of the characters (including those having terrible glitch with uno tag system, e.g. Warusaki's and Balthazar's chars). This is one of the main reason why I made this project.
• Menu where you can customize the character's states and animations that will fit into the tag system.
• You can now patch single character at a time, so you can customize each character before implementing the tag system.
• Patch Selection where you can choose the version of Uno Tag System you want to use.
• Mugen AI (no more CTRL + 3/4) - Just a click away and this patcher can install the MugenAI.exe tool right on your mugen folder.
• It also detects the character's version. It will put AILEVEL for the AI implementation of characters with mugen version 1.0 or higher, or else it will give a menu where you can set the var(#) of the character using for his/her AI.

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